Auto Landing Pages

October 3, 2009

Auto Landing Pages is a great new service for serious marketers. Auto Landing Pages allows you to put your internet marketing efforts into OVER DRIVE. All real online marketers need high converting landing pages to convert their affiliate offers into $$$. Here comes Auto Landing Pages they offer extremely high quality landing pages to its members. These pages are not cheap they are tested true converting $$$ landing pages that can be used with a number of offers. Some of the perks that you get with signing up with Auto Landing Pages are.

  • Access to ALL available landing pages.
  • Up to 30 new landing pages available every month.
  • Extremely high quality custom landing pages by top notch designers.
  • Access to an exclusive landing page tool.
  • Change your colors and make changes in just seconds.
  • Free extras: exit pops, countdown timers, and more.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for even more customization.
  • Access to an exclusive marketing forums for members only.

Rumor has it that Auto Landing Pages has an affiliate program as well so you can supplement your income with affiliate sales for membership. But after poking around their page for a while I can’t seem to locate any sign up links as of yet. I will have to wait for a response from their support team and I will let you know.

SEO Scripts Affiliate Program

October 3, 2009

Intavant INC.  has opened their doors to affiliate marketers and has officially launched a new affiliate program for their array of SEO tools. Intavant is responsible for many excellent webmaster turnkey scripts including their popular Page Rank Scripts77 SEO Scripts bundle and phpLinkBid.

Promoting SEO tools is fun! SEO professionals, Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs are always looking for useful tools that will make their jobs easier. Other cool bonuses you get for signing up to their program are $10 instant bonus to your account just for signing up promotions for double commissions and affiliate sales contests.

BTW Anyone curious about marketing to FaceBook PPC Program? I have been testing out the waters with FaceBook Ads marketing the SEO Tools Affiliate Offers and have had quite surprising results but i’ll wait and post more about that later along with a way to get a free $100 dollar coupon to get FREE FaceBook Advertising CLICKS

Twitter Tools

October 3, 2009

I am compiling a list of the hottest affiliate tools for seo and twitter marketing that gurus on the net have been using on their online business to make big bucks promoting on twitter. This post will be a work in progress and will have constant updates once new tools are developed for SEO and Twitter marketing.

Twitter Adder – Automate Twitter Promotion and Marketing. Take advantage of the amazing traffic and niche targeting that Twitter provides. Twitter Adder will automate your Twitter account so that you can build up your Twitter followers easily and automatically just input your Twitter account info and click  ‘Go’ to thousands of new followers over night.

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October 3, 2009

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